Semmel and Sauer is a joint poject of the two
friends Lukas Ramsauer and Tom Semmelroth.

Since their early childhood they developed a great interest in figuring out how to actually make things. Therefor, they have always been collaborating on different kinds of projects, ranging from early LEGO construction works to building treehouses.

To give their recent creative outputs a suitable platform, they came up with the idea of founding a design studio and setting up a website. In addition they run a blog informing about new tendencies in production engineering, manufacturing and design.

Tom Semmelroth studied Communcation Design at the University of Applied Sciences Munich.

Since they also teach Industrial Design there, he came in touch with such amazing things as lasercutters and milling machines. They also have a reasonable equipped wood and metal workshop where he definitely, if he had a chance to study there again,  would have spent way more time. While taking care about the outer appearance of semmel&sauer, he is still trying hard on gathering decent skills in using a  CAD programme.


Lukas Ramsauer is a man of numbers and norms. If someone has a crazy idea, he will find out how it can be implemented. Part of his problem solving skills may derrive from his engineering studies. But if you knew him from earlier days, you would agree that he always has had the right talent for these things.

And since he can work with CAD programs, he provides their joint venture with the necessary technical support.


Since both participants mentioned above are not the brightest lights in the matter of organization and timing, the team is complemented by our charming Project-Manager Viola Hamm. Her moral support and understanding of such things as social media networks make her indespensable for this project.

Furthermore her enchanting smile usually solves any problem Luk can not.